Explore how we serve the body of Christ and beyond


Ministry inside and outside of our Church.

“Ministry” (in Greek “Diakoneo”) means “to serve”. In the New Testament, ministry is seen as service to God and to other people in His name. Jesus provided the pattern for Christian ministry—He came, not to be served, but to serve (Mark 10:45; Matthew 20:28; John 13:1-17).

Open Doors Baptist Church has numerous ministries and auxiliaries to serve the Body of Christ and beyond, supporting through training, resourcing and networking. Some key areas have been highlighted below and you can click on the tiles to find out more. However in addition to these, we also have the following:

Welcome Ministry – Also known as the ‘Ushers’ ministry, the focus is to make everyone feel welcome in the house of the Lord. First impressions last long, so a warm atmosphere is what we endeavour to create to make your visit a comfortable one, so that you will never forget your time with us and come again.

Social Affairs Ministry – The focus here is to energise church members causing them to be active and excited in order to taking the hassle out of everyday life. We organise church outings, parties, summer barbecue events, networking events and the like in order to bring everyone together and build better relationships. Our vision is to create cohesiveness within the body of Christ. There is a lot of fun in church and the social affairs team love to bring excitement into church life.

House Groups are the lifeline of the church


House Groups director

We empower our men to lead Godly lives

Emmanuel Oyetunji

Men's Fellowship director

Nurturing our children to grow in love for God and each other

Elizabeth Muchechetere

Children's Ministry director

Ushering God's people into His Presence

Samuel Ghann Jr.

Praise and Worship director

We encourage our women to reach their full potential in all facets of life

Angela Egembah

Women's Fellowship director

Reaching the lost and winning souls

Lesley Joseph

Evangelism Ministry director

Supporting members and visitors alike

Adebowale Kumolu

Visitation and Welfare director

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