The Good News Charity Shop

Serving our Local Community, reducing waste and supporting our causes


Our charity shop ‘The Good News Charity Shop’ exists to fund our charitable work both at home and overseas including youth work in the borough community outreach projects and disadvantaged orphanage projects in Africa. We sell donated clothes, accessories, household items and multimedia.

We have just completed X years of serving the community on 183 Lower Clapton Road and aim to continue doing so for years to come.


We’d love if you could donate your unwanted clothes and other items to us to help us continue our work in the community and support those in need at home and abroad. Here’s how:

Drop items off at our shop in person

To prevent from theft we recommend that you drop off any donations when we are open. However, you are free to leave donations outside the shop when we are closed – do secure them so they are not ruined by the weather.

Contact us directly by calling or using the form below if:

You would like to enquire about a house collection or have a large donation or you are a company that would like to donate end-of-line, samples or surplus stock.

All donations must be clean, useable and of saleable quality. If you wouldn’t buy it then we probably won’t be able to sell it. The better the quality of your items, the more money we can raise from their sale.

We are always looking for:

  • Ladies, men’s and children’s clothing
  • Accessories including: footwear, handbags, non-pierced jewellery and belts
  • Homeware sets; cooking, dining and ornaments
  • Soft furnishings including curtains, cushion covers and linen
  • Books and multimedia items like DVDs, CDs and vinyl
  • Boxed electrical items, audio visual, cameras and computing products
  • Jewellery, including rings, necklaces and bracelets
  • Children’s toys including puzzles and board games
  • Cash donations

We cannot sell anything that it would be unsafe for you to buy – anything that is broken, dangerous, unhygienic, where its safety cannot be proven or it would be illegal for us to sell. Please do not bring these items to us as we will have to incur costs for their disposal.

In particular, we will not accept:

  • Medication, solvents, used dentures, jewellery for pierced body-parts and cosmetics
  • Gas, electrical and fuelled appliances
  • Food or drink, poisonous, toxic or hazardous substances, tobacco
  • Wheelchairs, bicycles, wheeled chair conveyances such as prams
  • Toys, nightwear or upholstered furniture items that don’t have the relevant safety labels
  • Firearms, ammunition, blades, weapons or realistic toy weapons
  • Any goods that infringe the copyright law e.g. pirate DVDs.
  • Films or computer games with excessively violent or sexual content
  • Pornographic publications and DVDs
  • Second hand sex aids/toys Hygiene
  • Alcohol, cigarette/tobacco, electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers and ecigarette accessories. Drugs – prescription or any other form and drug paraphernalia
  • Any items made in whole or in part from sale of endangered species including: turtle or tortoise shell items, ivory and bone (any items made from animals that produce ivory, including elephants, mammoths, walruses, and whales)

If you are a UK tax payer, your donations can raise even more money at no extra cost to yourself by signing up to Gift Aid. Ask in store for more details.


Julia Ghann

Charity Shop Manager

We work hard to turn your gifts into cash to fund our work in our community and abroad.

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